Martin Wertheim

'Pictures of the Past. A snapshot through history'

Martin and Ernst Wertheim were the sons of Erich Wertheim and Margarete (nee Schwabe) WertheimMartin was born on July 31 1929 and Ernst was born on August 23, 1923. They were raised in Brackel, Germany where their family had a corn farm and factory. Martin came to the UK on the Kindertransport in March 1939 without his older brother. Ernst came to the UK a few months after Martin, but they remained in separate cities. Martin came to Manchester and Ernst built a life in London. Their mother died from an illness in hospital before war broke out and their father remarried a family friend, Eva Ellie.

Both Erich, Martin's father and Eva Ellie, his step-mother were murdered, because they were Jewish.

In Manchester, Martin attended school and did well in many subjects. He married, had 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Hannah, his first grandchild, gives his story in the context of pre war Germany, life under Nazi rule and the trauma of travelling to a strange country, knowing nobody and not speaking the language. The session is centred around a family album, which was given to a neighbour by Erich and lovingly kept until Ernst travelled back to Germany after the war.

This session is suitable for schools years 5-6 and is adapted for High School students.

Jeremy Jackson, Principle, Webster Primary School, Moss Side

"It's always the personal and family elements of any presentation which fascinate our children so much and you could sense how interested they were in these parts. .. 5 star reviews all round from me... you are a wonderful presenter and storyteller..."