Northern Holocaust Education Group’s (NHEG) purpose is to pass on the life stories and experiences of the victims of Nazi persecution and the Holocaust so that they are not forgotten or denied.

If you are interested in booking one of our volunteer speakers please complete the booking/enquiry form below,
(if you would like to talk to us first, please email - administration@northernholocausteducationgroup.org.uk)

NHEG's work includes challenging all forms of discrimination and prejudice and create a greater understanding of the plight of refugees today.

We hope our presentations will spark and inspire members of the audience to stand up against hatred, discrimination and persecution of any kind and to oppose Holocaust denial.

NHEG provides a network of accredited speakers including those who tell their family stories and experiences before and during the Holocaust. These resources are intended as an enrichment resource to programmes of Holocaust education. We can deliver these stories online, usually via Zoom, or, face to face as the situation allows.


Our speakers typically present for about 35 minutes, followed by Q&A if appropriate.
NHEG makes no charge for our speakers.
Some speakers may request a contribution to cover their travel costs.
We reserve the right not to accept bookings.

We ask that in addition to the speaker's name and information if you could please mention NHEG in all advertising and post event information.


"The booking process is extremely efficient and effective"  Kate, Head of Humanities, Trafford

If you are interested to learn more about NHEG, or to book one of our accredited speakers, please send your request via the booking form and we will do our best to meet your needs.